Lade Veranstaltungen


21. Juni - 22:00 : 22. Juni - 5:00

Summer Solstice ! Friends, on June 21st, we celebrate the sun god (Inti), honoring life and its care. In such difficult times that our siblings in Palestine, Congo, Haiti, Balochistan, Sudan, and other people are going through, including our mother earth, where it seems that some have no value, we want to offer this meeting space to call for unity, to celebrate the community that we are, to gather strength and funds for people who need it today.

For these, we have decided that most of the earnings raised will be donated to humanitarian aid.

There will be crafts for sale, t-shirt printing, and an amazing line-up of 2 live shows and 4 DJs with music of the Global South.

In the Andean cosmovision, June 21st is celebrated for Inti, the sun god. We are grateful for fertility, the fields, and all manifestations of life. Happy Inti.


21. Juni - 22:00
22. Juni - 5:00

Studententickets NUR mit gültigem Semesterticket der Uni Göttingen (muss am Einlass vorgezeigt werden). Kein Sitzplatzanspruch.